What Our Clients Are Saying...

“ We would highly recommend La Mer Concierge. Curtis and Duke provide personal service to maintain our summer home in Osterville. La Mer Concierge offers a wide range of service. Along with caring for our property, Curtis and Duke see to the individual needs of our family and guests. "

- Michael and Carol Morgan of Osterville

“ We feel so fortunate to have La Mer Concierge checking in on our Cape Cod home while living over six hours away. For over seven years, LMC has overseen the care of our Cape home-making sure that the heat is running properly, keeping us updated on area weather events, and helping us to coordinate yard work and contractor services. We are assured that our home is in good hands! "

- David and Hillary of Cotuit

“ The excitement of buying our dream second home on Cape Cod 3 years ago was quickly tempered by the realization of all that's required to maintain a property 2000 miles away. Fortunately, we soon discovered La Mer Concierge. Curtis Newcomer has been a lifesaver for us, both in terms of regular security and maintenance check-ups on our house, as well as guidance and supervision for projects from landscaping, to housecleaning, to repairs. Curtis works hard to find the ideal service providers, then oversees the work and billing, and takes care of any problems. With La Mer Concierge, we know our house will be clean and ready for us and guests upon arrival, and we can sleep when we hear on our local Texas news of a storm raging toward Cape Cod. Our second home ownership experience on the Cape is greatly enhanced from our relationship with La Mer Concierge and its conscientious, wonderful principals. "

- Joanie & Bruce, Falmouth, MA / Dallas, TX

“ La Mer Concierge has been the perfect answer for our needs for our vacation home. They really take care of anything that we might need. The breadth of their services is wide-ranging. Previously, all we could find was someone to check on our alarm and occasionally walk through the house. We had to manage every house service separately with different vendors. Curtis Newcomer and Duke Bates anticipate our needs and are always easy to reach when required. From the most basic house watch service: visiting the house weekly, monitoring the plumbing, HVAC, the grounds and alarm system; to sourcing and supervising all of the specialized services for the HVAC systems, swimming pool, grounds keeping, appliance repairs, car service and driving the car in the off season, etc. They can also arrange catering services. When we arrive in the early summer, the house is cleaned, the windows washed and the patio furniture is set out. We just arrive and begin our summer activities. What could be nicer? We feel spoiled and their charges are very reasonable. La Mer Concierge has allowed us to fully enjoy our summer home and to minimize the anxiety and hassle involved with owning a second home. Moreover, Curtis and Duke have become good friends. "

- Bruce Behrens, Cotuit MA Home Owner