Spring Cleaning: Tips to Get Your Home Summer-Ready

April 17, 2017, 11:07 pm

The high season is coming! We want to make sure your home is summer-ready for you to enjoy. Two of our local vendors provided us with great insight about small changes that can really make your home shine.

Window Washing and Pressure Washing

“Everyone comes to Cape for the beautiful views,” says Clear Choice Window Cleaning owner Rusty Ambrose. “But, part of the Cape is the weather,” he adds. “And whether it’s the salt from the ocean, the pollen from the trees (or both), those views can get ruined if you have dirty windows.”

Having your windows cleaned can “really change the whole feel of a house,” says Ambrose. “The light that comes in will make your home more vibrant than it’s ever been.” Clear Choice says most customers opt to have their windows cleaned in the spring, but many also choose to have them cleaned before the gorgeous New England autumn so they can witness the beautiful fall color.

The Cape is home to many historic residences, so homeowners might be cautious about what might seem like an abrasive treatment. Interestingly enough, window cleaning doesn’t damage the windows at all. “In fact,” says Ambrose, “the salt in the air causes the screens on the windows to oxidize the glass. That damages the windows. We make sure that we remove it when we clean the windows. So really, we help your windows stay in good shape for longer!”

Pressure washing can also help to give your home a facelift for the summer season. Ambrose says pressure washing is something many fear will damage their home as well. He adds, “what really damages the home is the bleach that many use before they pressure wash. It strips the wood of natural oils that preserve it, causing the wood to rot.” This is why Clear Choice has formulated an All Green pressure washing system that kills the mold, but leaves the natural preservatives so the wood lasts much longer. “We are very proud of our pressure washing system,” says Ambrose.

Landscaping: Simple Changes for Big Impact

After having your windows cleaned or your home pressure washed, landscaping can take your home to the next level, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Meghan McPhee of Schumacher Landscaping recommends to start with tidying up. “Cleaning out beds of leaves, weeds, sticks and other debris makes a world of difference,” says McPhee. “Putting a crisp clean edge along the bed border helps delineate spaces and gives the landscape a clean look,” she adds.

McPhee also suggests filling in open pockets. “if you have an open space, fill it in!” she says.  “Adding flowering shrubs or perennials will add structure and impact. Often just a few plants can make a big change. Consult with your landscape contractor, gardener or informed friends about best plant choices for your space.”

Enhancing your landscape gives your home curb appeal, but it should also be something that you will truly enjoy. McPhee suggests creating a focal point. “Pick an area of your property that you look at often and plant a specimen tree or shrub. This space could be the view out your kitchen window, a spot off your back deck or near the main entrance to your home. Select a tree or shrub that will provide year round interest, interesting bark and form, leaf color, flowers or fruit. Again make sure to consult with a professional before investing in your new tree.”

Containers can also add to the quaint Cape Cod feel of your home. Consider installing window boxes or containers. “There are so many options,” says McPhee, “from classical white window boxes to flower pots shaped like hobbit feet. The options for filling these containers are even more generous, and can be switched out according to season.”

A little goes a long way for a great season on the Cape

Making these simple improvements can bring your home back to life after a winter away. And, La Mer Concierge can make them even simpler for you by coordinating your home maintenance for you. Like Clear Choice and Schumacher, all of our vendors are top-rated and take the utmost care in looking after your property. We only choose those whom we would trust with our own homes. Contact us so that you can relax and savor the beautiful Cape Cod summer!