Community Spotlight: Arts Foundation of Cape Cod

February 24, 2017, 4:08 pm

Many Cape Cod residents and visitors might be familiar with the annual Pops by the Sea event, a concert each summer on the Hyannis Village Green by the Boston Pops Orchestra. For the past 30 years, this unique event has been brought to the Cape by the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod (AFCC). While many know this flagship event, the AFCC provides much more for the arts and the Cape throughout the year.

The AFCC is vital to life and economy of Cape Cod. Through promotion, funding of grants, and support of other arts organization, the foundation buoys the success of creative individuals all around the Cape community. The AFCC supports an impressive estimated 3,000 arts and cultural events throughout the year. So, if you attend a creative event in the area, chances are the AFCC has played a part. At La Mer Concierge we supports the arts because we feel the strong thriving art community contributes greatly to the overall success of of our region. So, how can you get involved?

Director of Development, Wendy O’Keefe, directed us to, a website created by the AFCC that showcases all things creative in the community. On is a comprehensive calendar of events including everything from performing arts events to poetry readings and author lectures. And, if you want to embrace your inner artist, there is a wide array of open studios and classes to attend.

Of course, an active membership is also vital to the role that the AFCC plays and, in addition to the numerous arts organization members, are individuals with a passion for the arts. “I am in fundraising so I see the good in humanity!”, O’Keefe says. “People believe in the work that we do and share our vision of a Cape Cod where arts and culture fuel innovation, economic growth, and community.” And, it’s that support that continues to cause the Cape’s arts scene to thrive. O’Keefe says, “I love how every town on Cape Cod has its own vibe and its own arts and culture organizations and individual artists that define their town.”
So, take a look at and see what’s going on in your neighborhood. You might be surprised at the variety of events happening in your own backyard.