A Taste of Italy Right Here on Cape Cod

May 25, 2012, 12:16 pm

An evening out at Osteria La Civetta. Pictured left to right: Duke Bates, Curtis Newcomer, Robert Newcomer, Chef Fabio Pozzati, Delma Newcomer, Donald Bartolone

Cape Cod locals have come to appreciate the little piece of Italy that Osteria La Civetta brings to us every day. So much so, we can’t wait to share it with everyone who visits.

One of the questions our clients often ask is the perfect place to dine during an evening out on Cape Cod. Luckily, I have the perfect answer for them: Osteria La Civetta in Falmouth.

For those who have spent time in the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy, Osteria La Civetta (roughly translated, the Owl Tavern) is a welcome return to the rustic fare found there. Pastas are handmade and the recipes can only be described as absolutely, mouthwateringly traditional. They are, for want of a better description, the kind of dishes your favorite Italian nonna would create for you…if your grandmother had been a chef in European Michelin star-rated restaurants.

Meet Chef Fabio Pozzati

Executive Chef Fabio Pozzati met Osteria La Civetta owners Alberto, Giovanna and Sara Toselli through a mutual friend. Learning that they were looking for someone to run the kitchen in their Cape Cod restaurant, he chose to leave Barcelona, where he’d been working for several years, and travel to the U.S.

Giving every guest an authentic Italian experience means more than preparing traditional recipes. It means finding exactly the right ingredients. Fresh vegetables and eggs are sourced locally whenever possible. Cured meats, Italian cheeses and the flour used to make the pasta, however, are imported from Italy.

LaMer Concierge Recommends…

When we go to Osteria La Civetta—which can never be often enough—we always start with the Tagliere Di Salumi E Formaggi. This appetizer of imported meats and cheeses is out of this world and here’s why: honey. Yes, you read it right: honey.

“When we serve cheese, we serve it with honey or jams,” says Chef Fabio. “The combination of particularly strong, cured cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano with the sweetness of honey is wonderful. It’s a pretty traditional thing.”

Although we always start our meal the same way, how it goes from there usually depends on the nightly specials. Although Osteria La Civetta has some dishes they serve year-round (like the amazing Involtini Di Pallo) the menu changes to reflect the best ingredient each season has to offer. According to Chef Fabio, diners will usually find 5-6 appetizers, 7-9 handcrafted pastas and 6 entrees. That does not, however, include the specials—like the regional menus offered earlier this year.

“During winter, we highlighted different regions throughout Italy, from north to south,” he says. “We wanted to show the differences in classic, traditional recipes throughout the country.”

The Highest Compliment

And for those who have traveled to Bologna, Fabio says that there is no greater compliment than when they taste one of his dishes and tell him how much it reminds them of their travels. “I really appreciate that,” he says.

Cape Cod locals have come to appreciate the little piece of Italy that Osteria La Civetta brings to us every day. So much so, that we can’t wait to share it with those who visit.

To make the most of your stay in your Cape Cod home this year, don’t miss out on a trip (or two) to Osteria La Civetta. La Mer Concierge is here to help. Contact us and we’ll make arrangements for all of your summer plans, from dinner reservations to overnight getaways. Call (508) 428-8302 or email Curtis@LaMerConcierge.com.