Preparing For the Off-Season

September 8, 2014, 3:59 pm


See ya later summer, it’s been a fun one!  

Here we come autumn…

As you pack up your flip-flops and beach towels and prepare for a new season, it is important to take preventative steps to ensure you return to a secure and properly functioning home.

In addition to meticulous weekly property checks and on-call services for emergencies, the professional and experienced staff at La Mer Concierge is available to assist you year-round with all of your home and landscaping needs.

We have the network and resources available for prompt and efficient responses to any of your property demands.

Here are LMC’s property upkeep recommendations for the fall months:

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1.  Prepare for Storms – You will want to discuss a plan with your property manager in the event of a storm. Here are some helpful links:  Cape Cod Emergency Preparedness Handbook, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency and National Weather Service

2.  The quicker you can have your outdoor furniture cleaned and stored the better it will look when you return next season.

3.  Close your fireplace damper.

4.  Check your foundation and eaves for openings that might be used by uninvited critters.

5.  Keep a dehumidifier running throughout the fall season.

6.  Evaluate the need for chimney cleaning if you are planning on returning for the holidays. Consider a chimney cap to prevent animals and water from entering.

7.  Is it time for a septic cleaning?

8.  Work with a landscaper to schedule aerations and over-seeding of turf while the ground is still warm. Seed germination is much easier in the fall than in the spring. Top dressing may be necessary in worn areas.

9.  Schedule furnace and boiler check-ups and cleaning. Also check for proper levels of anti-freeze if applicable.

10.  Complete necessary deck cleaning, staining and resealing.


1.  Protect the plumbing. Frozen and burst water pipes are perhaps the most common problem in empty houses during the winter months.

2.  Consider a water detection sensor for your basement floor hooked up to your alarm company’s monitoring system.

3.  Turn off and drain all outdoor showers and hose valves. Winterize irrigation systems and swimming pools.

4.  Unplug TVs, cable and most kitchen appliances for protection from a power surge.

5.  Ensure the fall landscape cleanup continues throughout the fall season. Wet leaves left on lawns can cause turf damage.

6.  Perennial beds should be cut back and cleaned as they die down.

7.  Replace screens with storm windows where necessary.

8.  Tennis courts should be serviced and winterized.


1.  Continue with fall yard cleanup.

2.  Clean gutters of debris in late November and have roof inspected.

3.  Check thermostat settings. Optimal heat setting recommendation is 57-60 degrees. If the furnace relies on fuel oil, be sure that your oil supplier monitors tank level.

4.  Get advice on making your home more energy efficient. Here is a checklist for winterizing and weather-proofing your home.

Our customers value the convenience of having one contact, one invoice, and one competitive price for all of their property needs – not to mention the peace of mind from knowing everything will be well cared for in their absence.

Let La Mer Concierge give you peace of mind by making sure you are prepared for the worst… while hoping for the best.