Bruce Behrens, Cotuit MA Home Owner

January 7, 2014, 1:28 pm

La Mer Concierge has been the perfect answer for our needs for our vacation home. They really take care of anything that we might need. The breadth of their services is wide-ranging. Previously, all we could find was someone to check on our alarm and occasionally walk through the house. We had to manage every house service separately with different vendors. Curtis Newcomer and Duke Bates anticipate our needs and are always easy to reach when required. From the most basic house watch service: visiting the house weekly, monitoring the plumbing, HVAC, the grounds and alarm system; to sourcing and supervising all of the specialized services for the HVAC systems, swimming pool, grounds keeping, appliance repairs, car service and driving the car in the off season, etc. They can also arrange catering services. When we arrive in the early summer, the house is cleaned, the windows washed and the patio furniture is set out. We just arrive and begin our summer activities. What could be nicer? We feel spoiled and their charges are very reasonable. La Mer Concierge has allowed us to fully enjoy our summer home and to minimize the anxiety and hassle involved with owning a second home. Moreover, Curtis and Duke have become good friends.